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November 5, 2011

Kinchiona leaves with a bang

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I honestly don’t know the whole story since all this only just happened recently and I haven’t read anything about the actual cause/background. Only basic thing I know is Pokéfarm was having some sort of contest and some users were apparently being rude/trolls and, in the administration’s words, being stupid users which caused Kinchiona (previously known as Wolfin) to explode. She is now banned from the site (which I would assume is by her own hand as a means of escaping).

Side-note: it was apparently discovered that SpiritDragon was another account by Kinchiona. Don’t really care about that issue unless she was using it to cheat between it and her main account since there’s a couple of understandable reasons for an admin to have an extra account (either for testing or just wanting to play the game as a normal member on the side). So the first picture in the album I’m about to link is of that account’s profile, so you can see her latest Mini-Log (check out the Mini-Log of her main account too, also provided).

I’ll just leave this here now then:

So Kinchiona, now 19 years old, got mad at how members were acting and wound up having some kind of stress-induced explosion. No one likes being stressed out but one should NEVER react the way that she did. Honestly, because of this incredibly childish moment (comparable, if not worse than, most of Kolink’s past actions), I hope she never comes back. She has proven that, despite her age, she is not yet an adult and deserves no position of power. Kolink will need to watch his footing to make sure this most likely emotional and personal moment doesn’t negatively affect his own handling of the situation (the update header itself already says he will continue the contest if he can deal with ‘the stupid users’).

Kolink’s posts state that she will not return and that he will continue to run the site alone. What this means for their apparent engagement that I heard about (if this is even true), I’m not sure. You’ll have to tune in to Pokéfarm itself to watch as this story develops, as I may or may not post anything else relating to it here.

P.S. I heard it through the grapevines that a month or so ago she was banned from both VDex and GPX+ for cheating.

May 15, 2011

Signing off… for now

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After the last two incidents (both involving botting GPX), Kolink has posted a rather sincere and hopefully honest comment that I feel should be read. I hope this is the last post this blog has to see for awhile, as I feel a stronger sense of closure now. He’s admitted he has a problem and what it stems from as well as stating he wants to improve. However, we have to acknowledge that he is human, so I’m sure he’ll still mess up at times. As much as I’d like to see this blog retire, there will be another post if he does anything that’s as bad as his past actions.

I should mention his other comment where he believes himself to have mild Asperger’s. Though, he stated in a reply that he has never been officially diagnosed, other than by his family and friends. However, going by his past actions and personality, I don’t think it’s that hard to believe he has this, or a similar, condition. Either way, take it as you will.

Zerxer has also informed me that Kolink has personally apologized to him via emails both for what he did on GPX and for his past actions. So for now, we will try to meet him half way and honor his request to “stop poking [him] in the eye with a stick.”

May 9, 2011

A Week at GPX, the Sequel

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This is some pretty interesting news. I came on this morning to another contact from Zerxer.

Turns out Kolink made another account on GPX, to continue his bot-building. It’s quite strange that the head admin of a similar site (which also bans people for using bots) is trying so hard to build a bot for GPX. Well, they’re competition, so maybe not that strange. But it is incredibly pathetic to think about. We know he has the ability to make a bot, but that doesn’t mean he actually has to. I’m sure Zerxer isn’t out making a bot for Pokéfarm.

Not only did he create another account (ban-evading), but it’s possible that he’s building the bot so that he can distribute it (either publicly for anyone or privately amongst certain people). An anonymous person contacted Zerxer, apparently yesterday before the new ban went down, with some chat logs of Kolink talking about it. Please note that it’s POSSIBLE these aren’t real, but judging by the way he’s talking about it, I have no doubt that it’s real. Zerxer also pointed out that what was said here is actually how his bots are running on the site.

Kolink: I’ve got two little bots here, happily running along
Kolink: Currently the army is: PARTYD: Monitors the Party. If Eggs can hatch, they are hatched and boxed, and replacements are sought from (in order) the DayCare, the Shelter and the Lab. INTERACTD: Makes interactions with users who are online. Builds a queue, deals with 100 users, then adds
Kolink: A bit more control over PARTYD – if you need a party space (for an Exploration, for instance) then you have to snag it quickly before PARTYD gets to it (or kill the bot first). Also I want to make PARTYD inform you of Exploration progress, as well as Underground missions and Walker status, using the convenient notification bar.
Kolink: After that, it’s just User Interface that needs touching up, and it’ll be done.Maybe I can have CONFIGBOT that asks you for the username and password so it can log in for you, instead of having to provide a long explanation on how to get the correct cookie information.

How do we know he’s planning on releasing them? The last message. He’s touching up the User Interface, and adding a CONFIGBOT that asks “YOU” for your login information.

Now, some of you (most likely Kolink) are going to ask “How do you know Kolink actually had a second account?” Here’s a quote directly from the contact I got from Zerxer that explains how he found him right away after being contacted anonymously:

It wasn’t very hard to find him. I mean, his second account was using his regular IP, which sounds incredibly stupid. It was “distinct” from his original account’s IP in that the very last number was different, but dynamic IPs change like that frequently. It was obviously in the same IP range. Of course, once I found the account, it was a done deal. His status message was that he’s giving proper berry interactions to everyone (something his bot does) while his journal literally logged all of the account status (egg dex/poké dex completion, achievements unlocked, all the explorations that were completed). He even put very precise percentages for each of the completions, rather than rounding down to 2 decimal places, since we all know Kolink just loves to show off his smarts. That part there makes me think it was his bot that put that information into the journal. He even complained, in the journal, that there’s no BBCode for Overline to represent recursion, again another typical sign of him trying to point out that he knows things. All of that made it so incredibly obvious who it was. But, for good measure, I did apply some admin power and poke around the account and it was just as easy to see it was running a bot as Kolink’s original account was. Noticeably the same type of bot, too.

To back up what he said about the IPs, I took a look at all of the recent comments Kolink posted here, and while some of them (ones posted around the same time, for example) had the same exact IP, ones from different days had the same IP with the last digit being different. Just for those who don’t understand how IPs actually work. Zerxer also gave me the IP of the original account and the second account and both were identical to the IPs for his comments here.

Well, there you have it. Kolink made an account on GPX about a month ago, apparently got bored of it right away and started building two bots to cheat on the site, then got banned for it. Later, May 4th to be exact, he creates another account so that he can continue with creating his bots, which he plans on releasing for other people to use. He got banned again very early this morning.  That’s the short version.

Now, there’s one more thing. In recent comments, both Kolink and Wolfin have been stating that they have no problem with someone posting a thread on Pokéfarm about things that get posted here, so long as they do it maturely and not troll-like (don’t post it in the wrong or multiple sections, and keep the flaming out). I call upon one of you readers (please, not multiple of you) to take this opportunity to let the users of Pokéfarm know that the admin that bans users on his own site for using bots is up to all of this on GPX, almost like he’s again trying to start a war between the two sites, while GPX administration still does not do anything against him or his site. If I hear that someone has done this, and the thread was deleted right away and/or the user banned, expect another post here. I might even have to get my hands dirty, so to speak, myself. Note that I do not condone trolling, however, and that is NOT what I’m asking for here. Zerxer does not know I’m calling for this, either, as his staff does not wish for members to post on Pokéfarm for negative reasons.

Update: This has already been done by someone and the thread was since closed, though it did wear out its welcome and I feel satisfied enough to cross out the request so no new readers try to post a thread about this.

May 4, 2011

Re: A response to Lulzy

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My apologies to Kolink. For some reason, despite all of the previous comments of yours that were approved here, your last 3 comments all went under Spam, which I rarely check because nothing has ever gotten sent there before. I have never marked any of your posts as spam, so not sure why it decided your posts weren’t good enough to auto-approve, but I assure you I have no interest in blocking you (or anyone) from this site.

I had actually been waiting to see some type of response from you and had no idea that you already tried. Your three comments have now been approved.

“What is this, I don’t even…”

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I got an interesting feedback, through the contact form in the previous post, and I felt like publicly replying to it. I decided to, for the most part, reply to submitted comments directly on the contact form post (via comments) and hope the submitter happens to check that. This one, however, I felt was something that all the readers should be able to easily see.

Subject: What is this, I don’t even…

Please, don’t be stupid. By trying to ‘stop people from pouring money straight into Kolink’s pockets’, you’re just making a fool of yourself and causing people to ‘Lulz’ at you. No one takes you seriously, and your posts make me and other normal users ‘Lulz’, a lot. @ w@

My response: 

If I am a fool in your eyes for shedding light on foul situations, then so be it. You cannot claim that no one takes me seriously, though, as comments here already prove otherwise. There are those who frequent my posts regularly, and those who come for the first time and read over all of the posts. In both situations, users thank me for informing them of the side that’s not allowed to be discussed on PokéFarm itself. There are also those who will simply disregard what I say and claim I am naught but a lying troll. That is perfectly fine.

You and the other users that ‘lulz’ at me are free to do so. Nowhere do I say that you have to use the information I supply to fuel a hatred for Kolink and his website; it’s simply here for you to read and do what you want with. Or, in this case, to laugh at. “Lulzy” is an anonymous persona on the internet and users laughing at it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I will continue to report things, as I learn them, as factual as I can. If anything is too hard to determine the validity of, it will simply be discarded. Most people don’t realize that, though. They assume I post everything that I learn about, using whatever rumors I initially hear. I’ve actually gotten quite a few submissions through the contact form already but none of them really contain anything I’m willing to use because it’s all hearsay or issues that aren’t really that important on their own.

April 25, 2011

Contacting me

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People have asked before how they can get in touch with me (someone just now asking that reminded me to do this) so I decided to just post a contact form here to make the process easier. By “get in touch with me”, I mean submit one-way information, as I can’t reply through here. If I have to, and actually want to, I can email you directly. But I would prefer you to just say everything you want to right away, instead of saying “contact me if you want some interesting information.”

I may reply to some messages via comments on this post.


April 12, 2011

A weekend at GPX

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Hello all. I was mostly considering letting this place just die off from inactivity, but I had gotten some information yesterday that I really thought would make for an interesting post here.

So, on Friday, April 8th, Kolink joined GPX. Not going to speculate on why he did so, as I don’t make speculations. The main point of this post is how his membership did not last long at all. Sometime early Monday AM (yesterday, the 11th), his account was banned.

I didn’t want to go off of a bunch of hearsay, so I tried to go straight to the top and inquired with Zerxer. Turns out he was botting (which is one of the worst ways you can cheat on a web game like this). He openly admitted it in their email messages that followed the banning, but that’s as much information as I could get.

There’s still more to add to the story, though. Kolink updated his status message on PokéFarm about being banned, but he certainly made sure to leave out the core reasoning, leaving it up to his users to speculate that GPX may have unfairly done it just because of who he is or simply because of suspicious activity without actual cause. At least, we can certainly assume a large portion of his fanbase would think that way.

Here’s what his status message said (and a screenshot):

Registered on GPX, hatched 600 Eggs in two days, got banned. Whoopee.


Just thought people would enjoy knowing what really happened; I sure did.

November 2, 2010

Last week’s adventure: Kolink hits a new low

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This post is at least a week late by now, sorry about that. We’ll just jump right into it then.

Kolink had made a thread in his Mature section (if you have a funny taste in your mouth later, it’s the irony) about how he was in a really bad mood and that GPXPlus was the cause of it. Here is a screenshot of the thread:

Go ahead and read the entire thing if you haven’t seen this yet, I’ll wait. Okay, done now? Great. Kolink is blaming this blog and the fans’ responses on GPXPlus itself, which neither the website nor the staff actually endorse any of the actions held here, so it’s a little messed up to use that as one excuse. Another thing that made him mad was a little trick played on him by the admins there, after we found out in the comments section of the last article that he had a script in place to show how many active users were currently on GPXPlus next to his site’s count (this only showed for site staff). The GPXPlus admins made it inflate this count, probably to screw with him, which isn’t really that big of a deal in my opinion. If you’re going to try and boost your ego by constantly monitoring to see times when you have more members on than them, you could use a bit of humbling.

So Kolink got fed up with GPXPlus, the site he copied off of when making PokéFarm (really the main reason why PF even exists in the first place), because of actions held on a 3rd-party site by members of the site itself. He then declares that he wants GPXPlus destroyed and posts about an idea he came up with and how he came up with it. His idea: make GPXPlus lose their ad revenue and hope that they cannot cover their monthly costs anymore and are forced to shut down. This is quite pathetic, considering GPXPlus only tries to make money off of ads, while seeming to take in more donations lately to help cover server costs too (note: they run 2 dedicated servers of their own to keep the site running, and they’re fairly good servers considering they endorse mass-clicking while it’s against PF’s rules due to the lag it can cause them). Kolink, on the other hand, has his members buy special items and privileges on the site, instead of simply relying on advertisements. I’ve heard you can’t even unlock all the forms for certain Pokémon, thus not completing that part of your dex, unless you donate. Hearsay, of course, as I do not actually have an account there to see for myself.

Kolink, getting upset is one thing, but posting on your forum like that is very pathetic. Attempting to attack a rival site that does not attack you, a rival site that is the sole reason your site even exists. Not to mention how pathetic it is that you actually told your members they should do what you requested if they support your site. Your members are not your own personal little army you can send out to attack other websites. Fight your own battles, by actually making your site better and better, and by changing your ways. And of course, the most important thing, just learn to swallow your pride. You also really need some more close friends, I think, if there’s seriously no one you can vent to when you’re in such a bad mood.

And finally, I really do want to say am just shocked that you made that thread, Kolink. What’s even more shocking is I bet all the members that posted in that thread (before it was deleted) actually supported your idea instead of telling you that you are being immature. Users need to learn not to follow admins as if they are saints, they are far more human and untrustworthy than you think. I believe that movie, The Social Network, about Facebook’s CEO and background would really help to prove that point.

September 30, 2010

Security 101

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Security: something Kolink has never really cared to learn about. Why? Because, as we’ve already discovered here, the site is just a way for Kolink to make money. It doesn’t matter if his users or site are unsafe, until the moment when the security hole is pointed out and/or used against him. We’ve already gone over examples of how he fails at security, but here’s yet another good one. (more…)

September 6, 2010

Let’s be honest here

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A recent quote by Kolink:

Let’s be honest here. Who’s the stupid one? You are, for clicking the link.

This quote can be found here (as usual, here’s a backup screenshot) in a thread where users were reporting having been PMed by a user named ‘click’ with a link that, when clicked, changed their password on PokéFarm. I, personally, find this quote to be both hilarious and degrading. The reason being is that he’s placing all the blame on the users – and calling them stupid – instead of apologizing for a nasty security flaw on his own website.

Yes, users should be careful about the links they click on the internet. You never know what is waiting for you on the other side. Though, when you’re sure you have enough security (a good firewall) and enough common sense to not enter any personal information on the other side, your curiosity is going to tell you to just click it once to see what it is. Sure, curiosity killed the cat, but what happened at this specific URL definitely could have been avoided.

A little digression real quick, Kolink stated that you should “actually check where the link goes by hovering over it and reading the status bar”, though this is irrelevant anyways since the PM the users got did not have a masked URL at all. I’m sure your curious what the PM was ([YourUsername] was replaced with the user’s name): LOL

This obviously wasn’t just a JPEG image. The page this URL loaded took advantage of a major exploit: it changed the user’s password instantly, to whatever the attacker wanted. It seems when Kolink made the “change password” feature on the site, he did not require that the user enter their current password. This means anyone with enough basic HTML skill could put together a form on a page with the new password wanted and have it submit itself to the change password page when the user visits the attacker’s page. Even staff members would not be safe from something like this, nor would any users who actually paid money to have their account upgraded. Luckily for them, this exploit wasn’t taken advantage of by someone more malicious who could have made a mass bot script log in to the accounts and release all their Pokémon.

Now, going back to the main point of this post: let’s be honest here. Who’s the stupid one? You are, Kolink, for having such a security hole and then for calling your users stupid and not telling them what actually happened or why it happened. You placed no blame on yourself, this is why you are a despicable administrator.

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